Shiring Design | 5 Social Media Tips for Businesses
These are some basic words of advice on how to use social media for business purposes. Building your brand's reputation has never been so simple!
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Five Tips On Using Social Media

Jun 15 2016

Five Tips On Using Social Media

I’ve already mentioned the importance of social media several times in previous blog posts. Here are a few basic pieces of advice that could help your business use it best!


1. Understand the medium

There are a lot of different social media platforms out there these days, but assuming the way you use one applies to all the others would be a mistake. Even if you’re posting the same link or photo to various social media, it’s best to tailor what you say and how you say it for each site, while still getting the same basic message across. Twitter has a 140 character word limit for a reason, and you should know how to capture the interest of someone scrolling through their timeline, while getting to the point and attracting them from there.


2. Your bio: Keep it short but helpful

It might be tempting to write out your business’s whole mission statement and various other things, but this isn’t the company’s “about” page. Say who you are, what you do, add something unique or witty if it suits you, and of course have a link to take interested people to your actual website. It doesn’t hurt to include links to your other social media accounts as well. That way Twitter followers become Instagram followers who become Snapchat friends.


3. Post frequently

There’s a lot of uncertainty over how much activity is too much, but most marketers and analysts agree that posting at least once a day is a good goal. As long as you aren’t being annoying or repetitive, it’s best to keep posting whenever you have something to say. Keeping quiet isn’t going to bring in traffic!


4. Focus your brand, but vary your posts

You want consistency in your voice and the content you’re posting, but if you’re only posting the same types of updates every single time, using the same basic formula, it gets stale. Everyone likes a bit of variety as long as you’re getting out there and building your brand. Update people on what the business is up to, share relevant articles, remind people the services you offer and get word out about upcoming events.


5. Be SOCIAL, duh

Not everyone on the internet is a robot. Connect with your customers, friends, followers, and others in your field of business. Always be professional, but we all know there’s a person behind that keyboard, so be a person! Comment, retweet and respond when it’s appropriate, and you’ll really stand out.  There’s a reason so many people have started turning to social media to get helpful customer support instead of the traditional routes of phone calls or emails.

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