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CRM: It’s not just your dad’s rolodex

Jun 10 2016

CRM: It’s not just your dad’s rolodex

CRM (Customer Relations Management) systems are vital for companies who need to record, organize and analyze their relationships with customers. In the digital age, CRM software has become the most efficient way of managing that type of data and putting it to good use. These software systems organize customer information and interactions into a database, and can even automate various marketing, sales and contact procedures. Here are a few basics to know about CRM:


1. Meaningful Contacts, Leads and Customers

Although the software generally costs a monthly fee, the point of having CRM software is to make your business more efficient, and as the name implies, manage your relationships with potential clients. Keeping track of every conversation in your email inbox and trying to remember who to contact and when quickly becomes overwhelming as a business grows, and that system is bound to lead to mistakes or missed opportunities. CRM software can keep your entire history with a contact in order, and label where that particular person is in the sales process (from contact, prospect, lead, opportunity, to closed). Their calendar systems also help you keep track of what tasks need to be completed, clearing up any uncertainty or forgotten tasks.


2. Great Marketing Tools

Stop spending so much time on all those newsletters and emails. Drip marketing is a handy way CRM software can aid your business’s marketing needs. You can set the system to automatically send marketing emails; however, they’re more than just that. Many programs can monitor where you are in your goals with each contact, and act accordingly depending on how far along they are on the sales pipeline. Good CRM makes consistent, quality outbound marketing a breeze. HubSpot, ActiveCampaign, Salesforce and numerous other software programs are great for drip marketing. Hubspot is especially useful for an increasingly-important type of marketing—inbound marketing—since it gives you tools for creating good media content along with indispensable tools for data analytics.

3. Countless Other Roles

Most CRM programs bring along dozens of other helpful tools that set them apart from just a basic database. Internal notifications let you know what’s new or what needs attention, leaderboards stimulate competition between employees, and their calendars make sure you don’t miss important tasks or planned interactions with clients. CRM software also gives you an entire set of customer related data that becomes easy to monitor and analyze now that it can be organized in a useful way. Interakt gives a plethora of neatly displayed data about leads and users, while Jumplead focuses on showing you the geographic and internet location of your customers. If it’s interacting with customers your business needs assistance with, Intercom or Agile CRM might be great picks.


As the internet continues to change how we do business and communicate, the expectations of customers are changing, and everyone has to adapt. CRM programs help with that. Customers want fast, meaningful interactions with companies, and it’s not easy to manage the chaotic influx of emails, social media messages and phone conversations the old fashioned way. Even small businesses like Shiring Design know how advantageous it is to have excellent CRM.

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Keenan Noller
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  • It’s great to find an expert who can exlpain things so well

    December 3, 2016 at 2:21 pm

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