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Both small and large companies are blogging more, because frequent blog posts leads to more dedicated clients. Shiring Design offers services in writing blog content for businesses.
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Why Your Business Needs a Blog

Jun 02 2016

Why Your Business Needs a Blog


If you still think blogging is just for narcissistic teens and globetrotting photographers, you’re horribly mistaken. Blogging is a key way to maintain an active presence on the internet, and these days having a regularly updated blog is invaluable for almost any business—large or small. Here’s just a few reasons why:


A blog helps build your brand

Of course everyone can read a little about a business on the website’s About page, but if you really want to show people who you are and what you know, regular blog posts tell a story that no brief marketing slogan can. Use it to keep current and potential customers updated on the business’s latest goings-on and get people interested in what you’re up to. We live in the information age. Having plenty of blog posts means more information, and people like being able to read up on everything.


As we all increasingly prefer the comfortable freedom of shopping online and reading news on the web, companies of every kind must also display more about who they are to avoid looking like a bland, mysterious webpage left over from the mid-1990s. A blog adds life to your company’s online existence, and like the window displays and newsletters of yesteryear, it can really make a business stand out and build lasting connections with customers.

More content means more traffic

Anyone could stumble upon your blog! If the content is relevant enough, people who have never even heard of your business might be surfing the web and come across one of your posts while looking for answers to a question or because they’re curious about a certain topic. Utilizing SEO (Search Engine Optimization) by targeting the right keywords is crucial. Also, make sure you’re getting the word out by sharing blog posts across social media.


Every retweet and share will bring more people stumbling onto the blog, and if it’s interesting enough, they’ll share it, and more will be intrigued by what you’re company is doing. There are countless statistics revealing that frequent blogging generates greater inbound web traffic (97% more on average!), more leads in B2B marketing, and it generates confidence in consumers who have far more trust in companies that blog than ones that don’t.

Blogging adds a human element

All this talk of SEO and marketing might distract from the fundamental reason why people like reading blogs so much: They’re written by people—generally by people who know what they’re writing about. The current generation of consumers is used to being marketed to more than anyone in the past. We’re weary of getting bombarded by emails, T.V. ads and a never-ending stream of clickbait articles on Twitter, Facebook and every other corner of our smartphones. We get enough of what seems like contrived chunks of artificial content being thrown at us, and a blog can be a refreshing escape from that.


It can be used not only to attract people for its meaningful content, but also to fulfill consumers’ desire for human connection, which has been left wanting since we all started looking at screens more than faces. People trust businesses with a blog just like they trust a mechanic who they can have a conversation with. The fact that readers can reply in the comments section makes them feel even more plugged in, and leaves space for conversation.

Get started!

These are just the basics of why blogging has become such an indispensable tool for businesses. It grew quickly first as an affordable tool for small businesses, but now larger companies are jumping into the blogosphere just the same. All you require in order to start one is a focused idea on the content you need, a decent writer and a platform through which to post your blog. Luckily, those things are not in short supply.


Shiring Design has already written hundreds of blog posts for clients, and we excel in content creation and online marketing. Contact us for any questions about our services, and give your customers a blog worth sharing!

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