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Social Media

Jun 25 2016

Four Fundamental Things to Know About SEO

"Search Engine Optimization": One of the proverbial keys to marketing strategy, so they say, but what is it? How much does it really matter? How do you perfect it? If you want to get noticed on search engines and increase your web traffic, SEO matters a great deal, and if you've been doing other things right like creating good content and maintaining an active social media presence, you're already partway there! SEO essentially means developing a webpage so that it makes a decent ranking in internet user's web searches on...

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Jun 15 2016

Five Tips On Using Social Media

I've already mentioned the importance of social media several times in previous blog posts. Here are a few basic pieces of advice that could help your business use it best!   1. Understand the medium There are a lot of different social media platforms out there these days, but assuming the way you use one applies to all the others would be a mistake. Even if you're posting the same link or photo to various social media, it's best to tailor what you say and how you say it for each site, while still getting...

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