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Shiring Design is a marketing and design company that specializes in corporate identities, websites and business collateral.
Web Design, Graphic Design, Collateral Development, Digital Marketing, Online Marketing, Event Planning, Content Management, Design, Collateral
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Our Services

Design for Everything

We believe in creating fans, not just customers

What is the difference?

A customer may purchase goods or services once, but a fan is loyal. A fan is passionate, and feels like they are a part of it all. Be it a team, a band or a brand, win or lose, a fan is there to stay. Your success is their success. Fans don’t just follow, they spread the word and help you grow.


We don’t offer services that only help you answer, “How can we sell this product?”

The question we want to help you answer is, “How can we keep our fans happy and coming back?”


We have a passion for designing engaging websites, professional looking email templates, and beautiful collateral materials. What can we design for you?

Event Planning

From conception to execution, we can plan an event that will create buzz, deliver the “Wow!” factor, and make your attendees smile from ear to ear. Let’s start planning your great event!

Content Creation

Our talented writers and designers can create engaging content that keeps your fans coming back for more.

Websites Designed
Events Planned
Collateral Pieces
Blog Posts Written

What can we design for you?

  • Digital & Online Marketing
  • Graphic Design
  • Collateral Development
  • Event Management
  • Content Management & Creation

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Graphic Design0

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Shiring Design – Design for Everything